Watch out for these two tomorrow

Tomorrow, the evil Dr. XPages,

Dr. xPages

… will be giving an “XPages 101” session in London. He will be “assisted” by his nefarious side-kick, the Milky Bar Kid:

The Milky Bar Kid

And, if you’re around in the evening, drinkies at The Founders Arms. Huzzah!

Big thanks to Mr. Steve McDonagh for the Photoshopping!


  1. Those are funny!Tim Paque#
  2. Dr Xpages and the Milky Bar kid are looking a tad pale. Dr Xpages def. needs a little holiday downunder to regaine a healthy glow. But look, I'll let you in on a little secret…shhhh…ya can't tell anyone I said this…while the beer is superb, NZ weather sucks! So maybe they could meet us "halfway". Seedknee? Melbourne!?Colin Williams#

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