DominoWiki update

Chris Miller talks about choosing a wiki template, which is pretty timely—I don’t imagine this is much of a surprise, but for now, DominoWiki is dead. No-one appears inclined to commit code to the project, and I certainly don’t have the time at the moment (i.e. for fixes, features or OpenNTF clearance).

This dovetails with the recent discussions around Domino templates, and the whole open-source thing, I know. It’s all about how to reinvigorate interest in committing over at OpenNTF: I sincerely hope we get somewhere with that.

The current stable release of DominoWiki is 1.2.2, and there it will stay for the foreseeable future. I’m interested in doing some stuff with SSJS and the wiki—the Lotusscript parser easily is the weakest link in DominoWiki—a smattering of RegEx magic would make life a lot simpler. Now, whether this (vapourware) initiative will form part of the DominoWiki project is another question entirely…

In the meantime, OpenNTF plays host to a very capable wiki-like CMS: XPages wiki.

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