Way Out Of Here

A fairly recent discovery for me, Porcupine Tree, is a band fast becoming one of my very favourites. And this video shows why:

Fantastic (if somewhat gloomy!) songwriting, beautifully nuanced performances, and sublime production values. This song, Way Out Of Here is taken from their 2007 release, Fear Of A Blank Planet.

(P.S.: lots of Gavin Harrison shots for drum geeks :-) )


  1. strange and something you would not show to your mother, you and the band have a lot in commonMark Myers#
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying: my Pot-Kettle-o-Meter exploded.Ben Poole#
  3. you can borrow mine, its industrial grade for dealing with you each day
    Mark Myers#
  4. I got into Porcupine Tree about a year ago now… and can't get enough of them. Fear of a Blank Planet is good, but I prefer Deadwing, In Absentia and The Sky Moves Sideways.Chria Hudson#
  5. Deadwing is fantastic, and I love In Absentia too. My other big fave is their current release, The Incident. Going to see them live in October, woo hoo! Have you heard Steve Wilson’s solo release, Insurgentes? That’s a corker too.Ben Poole#

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