The Future

Forget all the bleating from “analysts” who haven’t touched an iPad, or the whines that “Meh, it hasn’t got X, it hasn't got Y…”. Some people get the whole mobile apps-iWhatever-multi-touch malarkey, thank goodness:

The future of our industry now looks totally different than the past. It looks like a sheet of paper, and it’s called the iPad. It’s not about typing or clicking; it’s about touching. It’s not about text, or even animation, it’s about video. It’s not about a local disk, or even a desktop, it’s about the cloud. It’s not about pulling information; it’s about push. It’s not about repurposing old software, it’s about writing everything from scratch (because you want to take advantage of the awesome potential of the new computers and the new cloud—and because you have to reach this pinnacle). Finally, the industry is fun again.

Marc Benioff: Hello, iPad. Hello, Cloud 2.

It’s the future, I’ve tasted it!


  1. Ben - it's a good post on TC, but I think the comments are even better. The fact is a company like SalesForce wants to see the likes of SAP, Notes, and Office go away - it helps drive revenue. Not sure that will happen in our lifetime. But the new apps we will get, and all the trash talk between all the various companies, will be fun to witness :-)John Head#
  2. Ah I only skimmed the comments. Normally I avoid TechCrunch like the plague—way too slash-dotty for me—but the guest columns are usually good value.

    As expected, most of the nay-sayers get hung up on Benioff’s adulation of the iPad. But of course, the specific device is not the point at stake here.Ben Poole#
  3. Great post Ben. You have managed to catch my attention about the potential impact the new technology may have. The iPod had (IMHO) a major impact on changing the way people listen (and even purchase) music and it would not surprise me if a device such as this may act as a catalyst for redefining the way we interact with computers. I wonder whether this device will be like Social Software and enter business from the bottom up. If it does then we may again see the established players in the Business-to_business market again late on the scene. I only hope the folk at IBM are starting to look at how the Lotus Product suite could evolve to take advantage of this technology. I am still waiting for an onShake event to be published on Forms and Xpages for iPhone apps!Peter Presnell#

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