iPads? For the love of God!

I’ve kept quiet about all this iPad malarkey, have stayed away from the endless commentary, and have no real opinion of a device that I have not used. Amongst all the ridiculous hysteria however, I will say one thing:

For all those opining on the subject—how Apple should have done this, or done that, the specification is too limited, an Android pad will be better, an HP Slate will be better, Windoze Tablet is better, I can’t open the device and wire in my dog, blah blah blah—remember this: no-one did it. No-one else has created one of these things. Tablet PC has been out for what, eight years? Android’s here and has a vibrant ecosystem around it. There are many many players in the technology world. Have at it! Create something better! That’s what innovation is all about.

I’m not much an Apple fanboy: I whinge about certain things, whine about certain decisions. But I am not going to take them to task for releasing the iPad. You pays your money, you takes your choice. To the sceptics I will say this: no-one is forcing this technology down your throats. Go do something better.


  1. Well said… yesterday I kept thinking I missed the memo that said it's OK to have an opinion, and to like or not like something regardless of whether your colleague or industry pundit feels the same.

    Seems like everyone wants to "prove" that the iPad sucks or rocks, when in reality it's just another tech tool that will work for some and not for others.Duffbert#
  2. Amen. I feel the same way when I see prolonged or caustic negativity about a given software package as well: by all means, provide a constructive critique (bonus points if it actually contains a feasible suggestion, not just whining), but ultimately if I can't produce a superior alternative, am I really in a position to criticize?

    Of course, one might want to take this comment with a grain of salt; after all, I am typing it on an iPad.Tim Tripcony#
  3. Well said Ben old bean!

    I work on the principal of hating everything on principal which is much easier as i do not have to expend any energy remembering what I like :-) Ahhh the pleasures of being a grumpy old man!

    And it is a decking stupid name, you could not love anything called iPad, The iStud perhaps the "iHaveAMuchBiggerC0ckThanYou" definitlySteve McDonagh#
  4. c i could understand if ppl wanted to wire their cats into the ipad. but dogs? that's just silly.jonvon#
  5. Several years ago I moved most of my immediate family and family members that I influence to Apple equipment. Do I like everything about apple? absolutely not. Especially how closed the iPhone dev stuff is in the app store. But I'm happy that I've not had to rebuild XP machines every now and then reinstall software.
    I'm most happy that as long as I'm in the apple "ecosystem" things do just work. I can rip a dvd movie and now it plays on AppleTV, iPhone, and iPad. I can easily remote control machines via iChat. I can create separate user accounts on mac's for the kids..
    I can focus more on using the equipment and much less on maintaining the equipment. The fact that Apple is arguably coming out with very cool equipment is a really nice bonus. :-)David Leedy#
  6. The iPad **cks!Dan Sickles#
  7. I beg to differ - you are *so* an apple fan boy!! Are you able to refer to Microsoft or Windows without spelling them Micro$oft or Windoze?Bob Smith#
  8. Bob, yes. Observe:



    There you go!Ben Poole#
  9. @6 you can say “rocks” here, that’s OK Dan. No need to self-censor.Ben Poole#
  10. Not a comment on the iPad but rather your tagline:
    “It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.”

    Isn't a good thing that of the information out there right now, only a little bit is useless?

    I'm not trying to be snarky or a troll. I'm just not sure I'm getting the tag line.Mark#
  11. @10 It’s just a wee bit of wit from old Oscar Wilde, nothing more.Ben Poole#
  12. Got it. Should have asked The Google first.

  13. How many more can you come up with:)Bob Smith#

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