Dander 2010: Yorkshire Three Peaks

Train station

So it was that time of year again: another dander! After the success of Malham last September, we opted for an August jaunt around the Yorkshire Three Peaks, a somewhat more challenging trot.

Once assembled at Kings Cross, your intrepid danderers (Matt White, the brave / crazy Alison, The Wookiee (plus his long-suffering wife Aliki), and yours truly) were good to go. We grabbed a train to Leeds, and then met up with Eileen Fitzgerald for the branch line out to our destination, Horton-in-Ribblesdale. I should note now that we travelled last Friday. Yes, Friday the 13th. Hmm.

Once in Horton, our accommodation was but a five minute walk from the picturesque railway station, so we settled in for a few drinky-poos and a nice big meal, storing up energy for the weekend’s shenanigans. For those interested, we stayed at The Crown Hotel, a fine pub with comfortable rooms, splendid food, and wonderful beer. What more could the unflinching traveller ask?

Saturday started early. We were punching our cards at the Pen-y-ghent Café a little after seven thirty, in readiness for a full day’s dander. The Yorkshire Three Peaks walk takes in, as you might guess, three peaks. These are (in order of ascent), Pen-y-ghent, Whernside (the tallest, at 2,415 feet) and Ingleborough. There’s a fair amount of trekking between these three little hummocks: road, bog, grassland and limestone slopes. All in all, a challenging walk, with the aim being completion within twelve hours.

Face says it all (Eileen Fitzgerald)

Photo courtesy of Eileen Fitzgerald

Wisely, Mr. White and his good lady opted for an earlier finish after Pen-y-ghent, taking in some of the local sights instead of slaving up mountains. Grand notion, and what’s more, they were on hand come the end of the day to furnish us with much-desired refreshments outside the Crown! Thus it was that the Wookiee, Eileen and m’self soldiered on with the dander.

It was one hell of a walk, but most rewarding (especially when the ibuprofen kicked in, and I could stop malingering down the slope of Whernside). We finally punched in at the café a wee bit before 7pm, bringing our walk to eleven and a quarter hours. Not bad at all, and probably could have been quicker if it hadn’t been for my gimping on Whernside, and the general congestion around Pen-y-ghent (we walked on a very busy Saturday).

That first pint after such an endeavour is the sweetest thing, ambrosial one might say…

So, a recommended dander! If you want to know more, read Eileen’s take on it in her post,

Yorkshire Three Peaks. August 2010.

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