New London Developer Co-op site is live

Us folks at the London Developer Co-op have finally released our new-look website in to the wild. There are a couple of interesting things about this site:

  1. It’s coded in IBM Lotus Domino! Domino is a cracking platform for small ad hoc content management systems (CMS), and if you already have the infrastructure, why not use it?
  2. It’s not hosted on a normal Domino box. It’s in the cloud baby!Amazon Web Services to be exact
  3. There are some CSS3 goodies in there, including @media directives for mobile browser splendiferousness

At LDC Towers we have our own Domino and Java server infrastructure, but we wanted to try something new, and kick the tyres with Amazon Web Services—by far the most mature and interesting cloud environment out there, as far as we’re concerned. Our experiences to date have been extremely positive, and the site is performing well thus far.

With regards the whole web-thing, there are wee bits of Javascript and CSS3 jiggery-pokery going on in the site (most evident in the portfolio page). It displays in Internet Explorer OK, but it really shines in modern Webkit- and Gecko-based browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. You will also get an optimised version of the site if you browse it on an iPhone or similar device. As already intimated, we are using them thar funky media queries to render the most appropriate look for you, and we include a touch icon for iPhone home screens too.

If you want to know more about some of the stylesheet shenanigans at play, by all means drop me a line and I will knock up some techie posts here. In the meantime, take a look around.

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