Merry Christmas!

So, the veg. are done, the table is laid, the turkey a-ready: I can now sit down and wish my readers a very merry Christmas and happy holidays! You three make my day, and I run this site just for you guys.

Here’s hoping for a splendiferous 2011 for us all (and let’s face it, it can’t be any worse than 2010, surely??!)


  1. Gleðileg jól . Feliz Navidad .Merry ChristmasPalmi#
  2. That makes two of us readers, one left. Come out … Come out … Whoever you are!

    Feliz Natal!Vitor Pereira#
  3. Merry Christmas, Ben, to you and your family.

    Well, that makes three of us readers. I guess you can stop refreshing the comment view. ;-)

    EricEric Mack#
  4. He's being modest - there are 4 of us at least! Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Now for New Year. :-)John Lindsay#

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