Starting with such sad news

So, to all a happy new year. Here’s hoping it gets better…

You know, I hate to start things on a downer, but first Pete Postlethwaite and now Mick Karn? (Not to mention Gerry Rafferty). This is a terrible start to the year: three extremely talented men, with a lot more to give us. R.I.P. each of you. :-(


  1. A very sad loss of three immensely talented individuals. Personally, the news about Mick Karn is devastating.

    I didn't know what a fretless bass sounded like until I heard Mick Karn playing on Japan's albums. I was instantly hooked and became a fan of Mick's work in Japan, and subsequently, other artists.

    When I was in my late teens, I was thrilled to learn that Mick had also collaborated with a hero of mine, Midge Ure, on several of Midge's solo projects. Again, all of Mick's contributions were outstanding.

    His performances elevated my respect and appreciation of the bass, showing me just how versatile and melodic it can be.

    I share this with you:- as another excellent example of the man's talent as a musician.Frank Docherty#
  2. Great example Frank, although I’ve never been able to stand the opening synth line on that one ;-)

    Mick also played with one of my heroes, Kate Bush. Here he is in a rare live performance with her (singing “The Wedding List”)—my thanks to muso acquaintance Jason Bell for the link: Poole#

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