Introducing Couchbase

Ooh now this is an interesting development: Damien Katz: CouchOne + Membase = Couchbase

Together as Couchbase, we’ll have the fastest, most scalable (both scale up and scale down) NoSQL solution. We will become the standard storage for mobile devices, and the standard server technology for syncing them all together. Our unified solution will dramatically simplify your technology stack and maintenance for building fast responsive apps that scale to millions of users, and also scaling down to phones so people can work and play even when not connected to the network.

Now that’s a vision / mission statement / objective / call-it-what-you-will. CouchDb has always offered a replicating, mobile-friendly document-based data store, and Membase is one of those ridiculously scalable, high-availability databases. So combining the two to come up with the best of breed NoSQL solution is most definitely going to garner the new company some attention; I wish Damien and the team the very best of British!

(Couchbase also has a great tag-line: Is it us, or did databases just get a lot more awesome?)


  1. This is a VERY interesting development, as you say.

    Intriguing, too, for those of us familiar with NSF. CouchDB is "inspired" so much by the NSF approach …. hmmm …..Julian Woodward#
  2. Damien is a great man but there are so many actors in the NoSQL area theses days that chosing one of them, investing in it and basing critical applications on it is more or less a bet on the future.

    I suspect that until some market consolidation has happened and some clear leaders distingish themselves, NoSQL adoption will be limitated to either "visionary" companies or to some who really can't use RDBMS for their projects

    @Julian : +1, CouchDB really looks like NSFMichael#
  3. … basing critical applications on it is more or less a bet on the future.
    Well, yes. But that’s life surely?

    I think the Couchbase announcement gives the market just the consolidation you speak of. I suspect the typical developer on the street could only name a couple of key NoSQL players, which gives an indication of how that market is playing out. When someone says “NoSQL” to me, I immediately think of Document-based stores like MongoDb, CouchDb and Lotus Notes (of course!). Then there’s Cassandra and SimpleDB (but these are not document-based).
    Ben Poole#
  4. So the inevitable Lotus Notes vs CouchDb comparison, or isn't there one?GarryL#
  5. @4 Would be very insterested to know what could make NSF not a "state of the art" NoSQL Datastore…Michael#
  6. @5,

    There a lot of mission critical applications now using NoSQL databases. Many of which you are using every day including this blog. You will see more and more use of NoSQL especially with Social Computing where the data is dynamic and fluid. As data sets become larger and larger, the need for NoSQL database will become greater and greater.

    NSF is great, but it has many issues that we have been complaining about for many years and some of which I think are important.

    1) 32K limitation on fields - This has been an issue for all time.
    2) With classical Notes and XPages, the UI is tied into the data which slows things down plus makes the development process and interaction much more complex.
    3) Scalability issues to extremely large datasets.
    4) Storage methodology is limits performance.
    Richard Moy#

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