Twitter comments

Thinking about following the crowd, and using twitter for published “comments” against a blog post or news article?

Screenshot of a news post with twitter “comments”

I wouldn’t. It just looks really ploppy if your article is re-tweeted ad infinitum!


  1. You could look at replicating the facebook style of the 'xxx like this'.. in that you say...

    The following people retweeted this... xx x x x x x x x x x

    However it falls down if they add more text... And are you tracking rewteets of rewteets?

    ---* Bill

    Bill Buchan#
  2. I think it’s an example of making twitter Yet Another Hammer. It’s not great for conversations, and who cares how many tweets link to a given post? Does that really add any value, or is it simply a way of massaging the author’s ego?Ben Poole#
  3. I use Disqus which moves those type to not comments on the posting, but below as reach on an article to show other commentary and where else they may point you. If they are brought in as only comments, then noChris Miller#

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