Old farts & some new content ideas?

In what is now an annual tradition, yet again I have missed this site’s birthday. I have had a web presence under the moniker for nine years as of last Friday. Crikey! That makes me some kind of old fogey in web terms doesn’t it?

As mentioned in my previous post, it’s pretty busy at Poole towers at the moment. My current work is all wrapped up with HTML5 development, specifically for mobile devices. I am having way too much fun working with oodles of Javascript, offline storage, WebKit, HTML5 forms, and so on—even some XPages, web agent style. Now, given that my recent Ruby series went down like a fart in a spacesuit, I shall try again:

If anyone would like some techie posts about HTML5, offline applications and the like, let me know in the comments!


  1. hi Ben,

    I would definitely be interested in the HTML5 stuff. I've been using the new semantic elements and *some* new form properties, but am particularly interested in practical tutorials on the more advanced stuff, like offline storage, canvas, web workers, etc.

    How all of this ties into mobile platforms and what you development tools and workflow look like would also be great to know. Ferdy#
  2. Ben,

    Any HTML5 and offline post will be of interest I think. I am currently starting to look at how to keep data on the mobile device while disconnected and sync it with whatever is available once connected (iTunes, local files, remote server). This is a part time project so I am not spending a lot of time on this, and it is Apple only for now, but any additional information will be welcomed.

    : )Ben Dubuc#
  3. Yes Please. Michelle#
  4. I read those Ruby farts...James Spinks#
  5. Yes i would be really interested in this, anything you post would be very helpful . I myself have started developing for the playbook. Thanks again.Fred#
  6. Hi Ben,

    Yes i am interested to know more about HTML5 and developing mobile. Thanks in advance :-)Senthil#

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