Time flies when you’re having fun

So what’s new round these here parts? Well, things have been up and down. I have been out of the mainstream full-time contracting world for almost ten months now, and can recommend it. Sort of. The loss of regular income is a nightmare, I grant you, but the opportunities to try new things, work on varied projects, and more importantly do so on your own terms does help make up for that, I promise :-)

In recent months I’ve enjoyed working on very interesting projects courtesy of some people out there in the wider community, and also thanks to previous clients and network contacts. You may have seen (from all the tweetin’ and wot-not) that we have started publishing case studies over on the London Developer Co-op site. The first one relates to a rush project I worked on in May and June, which was an off-line capable HTML5 mobile web application. All sorts of tricks in this one, and you can read about some of them in the case study (some pretty pictures too).

Mobile web app screenshot

My particular thanks go to our splendid partners at Elguji Software for picking the post up in their blog.

Future case studies will focus on some other projects and technologies—look out for musings on things as varied as Flex application development, XPages, Javascript and more. For these and other updates be sure to follow us on twitter or visit our news page.

What else? Well, preparations are ramping-up in LDC Towers for Lotusphere 2012 (or whatever it will be called!) In years past we’ve set a standard with our t-shirts, and this of course must be maintained. Look out for plenty of give-aways when the time comes. Look out too for more training opportunities with our very own Dr. XPages, Matt White! Matt is running a four day course in Vienna next month (seats still available here), and of course XPages101 continues from strength-to-strength, with the latest video all about the new Dojo Mobile Controls in 8.5.3. Matt will of course be in attendance in Orlando, as will Messrs Myers and Woodward (yes, Julian’s even worse than me at keeping his blog up-to-date), all things being equal.

Finally, the LDC servers are steeling themselves for this weekend, when a certain young man by the name of John Wilding will be auditioning on that staple of Saturday night entertainment, The X-Factor. Why? Well, we host his website don’t you know!

If you have web, web application, mobile web or XPages work that needs doing, you know where to come.


  1. Hey Ben, lovely", but peeps outside the UK get a "This video is not available in your location"
    itv is locked down. Silly gits.Lars Berntrop-Bos#
  2. Lars: ITV are saving you from yourself. Based on some of the auditions I’ve seen on X-Factor, ignorance is bliss—trust me!Ben Poole#

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