“Do you recall using Notes?”

I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers for twelve years, and well remember the early years (in what was then Coopers & Lybrand) working on old Toshiba Satellites with Windows 3.1 and Lotus Notes 3.3. Heady days! Both Price Waterhouse and C&L really steered the product in some respects, so their merger in 1998 (shortly after we in Coopers had moved to Windows 95 and Notes 4.5.3) certainly made sense from a technological perspective if nothing else. This is an interesting piece from ReadWrite Enterprise in which Notes, and the broader collaborative world, are discussed with Sheldon Laube, Chief Innovation Officer at PwC:

The new social media tools are going to have as much of an impact as Notes did in its day, according to Laube. The problem, he said, is that they aren’t oriented toward accomplishing particular tasks, other than staying in touch with your friends and colleagues. “It is easy to miss particular things in your news feed in Facebook, but in a business context that isn’t okay at all,” he said.

Give the article a read, and more importantly listen to the accompanying podcast: Laube raises some good points (he even mentions the dreaded performance review!)

ReadWrite Enterprise: How Lotus Notes Changed the Collaboration Landscape.

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