Where’s Benny?

Ooops. I haven’t updated this blog in precisely one calendar month. How bad is that? There’s stuff piling up to be written and posted, honest guv—it’s just a matter of finding enough hours in the day.

Almost three weeks ago I started a new full-time contract, unusual for me in that it is based miles away from home in Manchester (MediaCityUK to be precise). I’m working as a mobile web developer, using technologies such as HTML, CSS3, Javascript, Linux and PHP (Zend framework, amongst other things). All very interesting, and with a very pleasant team in delightful offices. The downside of the job is that I’m away from home Monday - Friday, spend a lot of time on trains, and eat peculiar meals at strange times of the day :-).

So, more content as and when, but I felt I owed some sort of explanation for my absence here!


  1. Sorry to hear your working away from home but sounds like some really interesting stuff.

    How are you finding php?Mark Barton#
  2. Syntax-wise PHP is pretty straightforward (the -> thing is a bit funky), and we’re using a good MVC framework, plus PHPUnit and Phing. All good stuff, I found I could get writing usable testable code in no time.

    Oh yes, PHP in Eclipse flies: makes DDE look positively decrepit!Ben Poole#

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