Significant releases

Two important releases today. First up, we have the latest instalment of the Wormworld saga from Daniel Lieske, hooray!

Chapter 3 - A Monstrous Forest.

Chapter 3 was a huge challenge for me as I wanted the first impression of the Wormworld to be a lasting one. This chapter is the longest chapter so far and it is full of elaborate full scale backgrounds. Including prelim, concept art and layout, I worked over 400 hours on Chapter 3. I think that it shows and I hope that everyone will enjoy the ride.

And then we have something else, which I must confess I hadn’t seen coming (I’ve just been too “heads-down” lately to know what’s going on in the Java world):

Oracle Releases Java SE 7 Update 4 and JavaFX 2.1

First Java Development Kit and JavaFX Software Development Kit for Mac OS X Available From Oracle

(My emphasis). Crikey! Read more (and get the JDK) from Oracle.

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