Talkin’ loud and sayin’ nothing

This story, “Microsoft. Kicks. Ass.” has received a lot of link love since it came out yesterday. Lots of people waxing lyrical on twatter, and generally getting in a tizz about it.


It says nothing. Here’s a typical paragraph:

The Torx screws on the back are proudly visible, proclaiming to anyone who wants: touch me, open me, change me, adapt me. The charcoal grey is an updated pre-Apple beige. The multiplicity of ports sing: connect with me, send data to me, accessorize me, enhance me.

Sweet baby Moses. Utter wank.

Anyway, setting aside nonsense like this, the tech, the tech looks like it could be pretty good for MS, and may well win legion new fans. As ever, the devil is in the detail: I just hope MS execute right to the end—they didn’t quite get there with Windows Phone OS, although it was a decent enough start.


  1. "waxing lyrical on twatter", made me laugh :-)Steve Castledine#
  2. And while we're at it - what REALLY annoys me is sentences like this with single works separated by full stops:

    " Completely. Hit. A. Home. Run."

    When. Will. People. Stop. Doing. This. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!Richard Shergold#
  3. Richard, I’m guessing we have to blame poor old William Shatner for that one?Ben Poole#
  4. Wanking aside... I am hearing there is no forward compatibility for apps written for Windows 7 to goto Windows 8. Is this really true ? Are there tools to help developers migrate ? Mobile is brutal, and any obstacles the vendor puts up is guaranteed suicide, especially if you're playing catch up with Apple and Google. I remember all the hoop-la MS did to get people writing applications on W7 phone.

    It would be a monumental loss of confidence if they pulled the ol'rip n replace approach in this particular space...Giulio Campobassi#
  5. Giulio: first I’ve heard that. I’d be very dubious re such a rumour, I don’t think even MS would make that sort of an error.

    As an aside, I rather like Windows Phone OS (certainly prefer it to Android), I just wish they’d sort the damned browser out—IE 9 Mobile doesn’t cut it compared with iOS’s mobile Safari, Android and Chrome on AndroidBen Poole#

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