How to win the love of a developer

Remember Joel’s Test, with its vital tips on how to make life better and more productive for the average developer (we are kingmakers after all)?

Well, decent equipment, nice offices, ping pong tables and all that—these things pale into utter insignificance when it comes to one, relatively simple change, that organisations can make:

Ensure that your test environments mirror those used in production.

It really is that simple, and you will save countless hours of frustrated troubleshooting for your developers, testers, infrastructure and support teams. In organisations large and small I have lost count of the number of times working through an issue has resulted in the same root cause: the deployment to live actually meant testing a particular configuration or integration for the very first time.

This sort of thing is insane. Sort it out, and you will have your developers’ admiration for life.


  1. Sometimes I am grateful just to be given a test envirnment.Richard Shergold#
  2. Yes, good point. I think we’ve all been there!Ben Poole#
  3. Testing is important but I think the more important thing is providing developer tools which do not actively try and get in the way.

    If Developers are kingmakers then DDE is Regicide.Mark Barton#

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