IBM Connect 2013: the second post

Give-away tins: the aftermath

And so to Sunday. I suppose one would class this as the first “proper” day of IBM Connect as Jumpstart sessions get going, and there’s business development stuff going on. In the Woodward / Myers / Poole suite pit things were somewhat muted and slow to start. We all had things to do, so the day was spent gently faffing. Mark and I even got a decent brunch in (one of the few proper meals enjoyed during the week).

Predictably, the evening started early at the pool-side reception, and finished late (by “late”, I mean around half an hour before the opening general session began. Oof!)

During the course of the evening, we found out that distant good people and closer good friends were going through hell after an appalling tragedy earlier. There is really not a lot one can do or say in such situations, but I hope the quiet chats and big hugs helped a little as the week passed.

…so to Monday, and IBM Connect “proper”! The general impression was that this year’s Opening General Session (OGS) was pretty good (certainly compared with the last couple of years). A few whacky ads-in-disguise and some rambling nonsense, but also some great content and… They Might Be Giants!

As for sessions, I particularly enjoyed Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg and Ryan Baxter talking about APIs and API design: a good summary of the issues involved with some excellent tips (I think these sessions, which don’t focus on a single platform or product, are extremely worthwhile). I also attended Teamstudio’s overview of their Unplugged product which was very informative (well worth a look—not least because our very own Matt White has done so much good work on this suite).

Monday evening got going with Speed-Geeking in the product showcase, followed by—what else?—UK Night! Once again we at LDC sponsored along with many other worthy firms, and everyone filled Shula’s bar with noise and laughter.

Mr. Woodward dining al fresco. So smooth.


  1. Thank you SO much for including that flattering photo of me. I owe you one...Julian Woodward#
  2. No problem at all, any time roomie! :-) Ben Poole#
  3. With the family’s blessing, Paul has set-up an on-line condolences site for Kenneth Kjærbye, which can be found here: Poole#

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