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Mr. Mooney recently posted about his old Apple MacBook, which he received in recognition for all his hard work with ILUG in 2007. Seeing his post reminded me of the “mb4bp” initiative that Volker kicked off:

In December 2006, through the wonderful kindness of the wider IBM Lotus community, I was able to buy my first professional grade (and new to boot) machine. This started something big. Within eight months of receiving that splendid little laptop I had formed my own company and resigned from my employer of some twelve years.

I haven’t looked back!

But what of Kinky, the famous little black MacBook? Well, he lives! We’re on hard drive number three, and the keyboard is a little iffy, but Kinky is still pressed into daily service at Poole Towers :-)


  1. makes you glad that your in the IBM community, far better than a lot of the other tech communitiesstickfight#
  2. Ben, about to get a top of line Macbook Pro from work(yes I cant believe it either).
    Not had much experience with Macs. I could appreciate your advice/experience on essential development software I should have installed. Seems there a lot out there and lots of different opinions whats the best.John Marshall#
  3. Mark: quite right.

    John: I currently use Coda 2 and Sublime Text 3 (beta) for straight coding. Then there’s Eclipse of course.

    In terms of things like file diff and wot-not, you get decent tooling as part of the Apple Xcode package.

    For plain text editing, if I don’t use Sublime Text, I use TextWrangler, which is great.

    … And that’s about it! Obviously loads of other tools out there depending on what you want and what you need to do—by all means shout when you’re setting up or have questions.Ben Poole#

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