Where does it go? Where does it go?? So, time to bid farewell to another year. And another year of blog neglect. Tsk. No promises from me. Lots to write about, not enough hours. I’m hoping for a little more time in 2014 as I ease back on the work a little, but who can say what will happen?

I started 2013 with a lovely jaunt to Connect / Lotusphere, my first since 2010. That was tremendous fun, and I have posts about that on the site already. I can’t post about Lotusphere-that-was without mentioning how we lost a valued soul in Florida. Sadly, Kenneth Kjærbye wasn’t the last: we also had to bid adieu to Rob Wunderlich and Jens Augustiny as 2013 whizzed past. Sleep well gentlemen.

As the year progressed the relentless pace of work didn’t ease up. Java was bread and butter at the start of the year, occasionally coupled with Domino (don’t get me started), but as 2013 continued I found myself doing more and more of the .NET thing. I now know a bit of C#: I couldn’t have predicted that one ;-)

On a more personal level, the kids grew even more, I turned 41, we ended up moving house in May (again, wasn’t on the agenda originally!) and I met up with an old friend from the States I hadn’t seen in twenty years. Lots of good music and gig attendance this year too. Highlight being Steven Wilson (twice!)

The London Developer Co-op continues apace, with Matt standing at the helm. The rest of us try and keep the oars moving! I hope to see more of my favourite people over the course of 2014: who knows, perhaps making the odd user-group or two.

For now though, I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. May all your news be good, and may all your code be bug-free (like mine).


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