The Macintosh is 30

The Mac turned thirty this weekend, but you could be forgiven for missing that. Very little in the way of hoo-hah. Here are a couple of the more worthwhile links out there:

Stephen Fry has turned in a wonderful piece of writing about the Macintosh, and his experience buying just the second one available in Europe, back in 1984:

From the very first the Apple Macintosh team included archeologists, classicists, and, famously, Steve’s passion for the print art of fonts was built into the very first Mac and was alone enough to make one fall entirely in love with the device. Steve liked to say that his vision for computing and other devices was a meeting of technology, science and what Americans call the liberal arts. In other words, function, innovation and aesthetic were equal. No other company had such a view. No other company had such a leader.

The BBC have a neat round-up of the story, complete with some reminiscing from the original Macintosh team members.


  1. The first public demo of the Mac at the Boston Coputer Society is worth a watch as well:

    I never owned the original Mac but I did buy a "Fat Mac" in 1985 -- it was the same as the original but had 512K of memory. It was the first computer I ever owned.

    A year later I upgraded it to a Mac Plus with 1MB of memory and an 800K floppy and an external 20MB hard drive. It felt like so much disk space back then... :-)Bob Congdon#
  2. Hi Bob! Yes, the “Fat Mac” gets my vote.

    My first Mac was its direct successor, the Mac Classic. Four meg of RAM, a 40MB hard drive, and the same form factor with the 9” monochrome screen. A lovely machine :-) Ben Poole#

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