ThoughtWorks release their Technology Radar

The ThoughtWorks Technology Radar is out, and it makes for interesting reading. Some of the “Adopt” languages and frameworks are new to me, and one in particular warrants further investigation:

Dropwizard is an opinionated combination of several lightweight Java tools and frameworks, many of which would merit mention in their own right. The package embodies many of our favorite techniques, including an embedded HTTP server, support for RESTful endpoints, built-in operational metrics and health-checks, and straightforward deployments. Dropwizard makes it easy to do the right thing, allowing you to concentrate on the essential complexity of a problem rather than the plumbing.

Some other tidbits: cloud “lift and shift” and JSF are “Hold” techniques / frameworks (I should say so!), and there’s another notable observation on metrics becoming an abuse of agile:

Treating velocity as productivity leads to unproductive team behaviors that optimize the metric at the expense of actual working software.

Read more: ThoughtWorks Technology Radar.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Ben, it is hard to get an overview of where the tech sector is going sometimesSean Cull#

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