Oh you’ve got to come to this...

If you read the sites of my good friends and colleagues the Turtle Partnership, Matt White and the Wookiee (and why, pray, would you not?), you will be aware of a new, free event taking place in a month’s time.

On Friday, March 21st we are holding an informal techie(ish) get-together for those interested in collaborative technologies. This will take place in Soho, London, and will not be a sales-fest in any way—nor will it be vendor / platform-specific: come one, come all!

CSC Event will most definitely be an experiment. First, we’ve not done something like this before (“we” being The Turtles and us lot at the London Developer Co-op), and second, this is not going to be a bums-on-seats-listen-to-my-Powerpoint session, oh no.

We have a skeletal agenda which should give you a taste of the day. You will see that it is discussion-heavy, and this is intentional. For a start, no-one’s a fan of dry presentations, and in any case we want this to be a meaningful day, one that’s driven by you, our attendees! Of course, we will have moderators to begin, steer, and close discussions. We will also have brief structured sessions aimed at kick-starting chat. But ultimately the success of this endeavour rests with all of us (we’re just paying for it and hoping someone comes :-)).

We’re splitting the day into two broad “tracks”: more overtly technical discussion sitting alongside talks around life and work. Flip between the two as you fancy! I think that’s a great slant for an event such as this, and in addition to general moderator duties, I hope to be involved in one of our afternoon sessions looking at productivity, time management, all that good stuff.

On that note, the event is pretty much half-booked as I write (we’re intentionally limiting numbers), so if this sounds like something that floats your boat, please register, bring your talking shoes (eh?), and be prepared for a fun day. We look forward to seeing you!


  1. I am attending! I was going to write I'm coming too! But that didn't sound right :-) Should be an interesting day, I'm looking forward to it.Jason Hook#
  2. Splendid!Ben Poole#

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