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Long time readers of the site will know that I adore Steven Wilson’s music, whether with Porcupine Tree, Storm Corrosion or as has been the case for the past few years, his solo material. I’ve attended gigs on all of his tours to date, sometimes twice—this time around being no exception: Woowar and I attended both the London and Wolverhampton shows.

Steven Wilson, Hand. Cannot. Erase. Imagery

As ever, fantastic stuff with spell-binding lighting and visual elements. On his current Hand.Cannot.Erase. tour, Wilson has made use once again of the talents of Jess Cope and co. at Owl House Studios to produce a beautiful animated film as backdrop for one of the centre-pieces of the new album, a track called “Routine” (which features a choirboy by the time of Leo Blair… yes, from that Blair family!)

The tour has moved to Europe now: if any of my continental chums can make a show (lots are sold-out) I recommend you do so. Wonderful.

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