Tiny Desk: Imogen Heap

I’ve enjoyed Imogen Heap’s music for a very long time, as this blog can attest. However, I’ve not paid as much attention recently, and then boom this video came up on YouTube. Wowsers! First, Imogen sings a new track with Frou Frou bandmate Guy Sigsworth, and then we get the Mi.Mu gloves and a mesmerising rendition of arguably her most famous song, Hide And Seek.

Have a watch!


  1. Hugely underrated and really gifted (not so much in the singing department arguably).

    I didn't take to the performance or H&S with the gloves. It felt like she was fighting against the loop she'd created with them. That's something I do really like about her live performances and vlogs she'll give stuff a go and see what happens.

    I'm going to play some Heap on my way home!Jason Hook#
  2. She has a certain style of singing, and it’s very “English”; a bit “Marmite” for some I suppose, like early Geddy Lee. I enjoyed the re-invention of “Hide & Seek”: how she does all that with the gloves is very clever. But each to their own!Ben Poole#
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