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Apple Subsidiary FileMaker Returns to 1980s Name Claris Following Stamplay Acquisition (MacRumors)

ClarisWorks was a fantastic piece of software that led to my first professional software engagement: whilst at university, I developed a CRM in its database module for a freelance photographer. My trusty Mac Classic, coupled with ClarisWorks, made for a splendid double-act all through university and several years thereafter: databases, dissertations, various spreadsheets — even realtime chat, web development, usenet, gopher and email via its communications module and a UN*X account! Happy days.

ClarisWorks was truly integrated: everything was a “frame”, meaning that you could dump a drawing in the middle of a word processing document, or an embedded spreadsheet as a table of data, complete with live updates. All done beautifully, simply, and with none of that OLE crap.

Read more: A Brief History of ClarisWorks (Bob Hearn, 2003).

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